About Us

Relief International - Schools Online (RI-SOL) is an international relief to development organization with a mission to protect and save lives, to rebuild livelihoods by empowering communities, and to promote peaceful coexistence. In 2003, Relief International and Schools Online merged to combine their respective strengths in Relief & Development and Technology & Education. Today, RI-SOL facilitates programs in over 50 countries around the world.

Relief International has 15 years of experience and dedicates itself to providing emergency, rehabilitation and developmental services that address the long-term needs of beneficiaries even while in the emergancy phase. Schools Online promotes and implements new methodologies for delivering education and communication technology to classrooms around the world. By combining technology resources with in depth teacher training workshops, RI-SOL pulls teachers into the global arena and facilitates cross-cultural communication and global community building.

The Global Citizenship & Youth Philanthropy (GCYP) program is a media and school-based initiative that prepares today’s youth for responsible global civic participation. Through collaborative projects in connecting youth internationally, the GCYP program provides these future leaders and citizens of the world with the knowledge, skills and values for positive action and participation in their interconnected world.

GCYP leverages information and computer technology to influence cultural change and to promote global citizenship. This program is implemented through classroom activities, educational workshops, youth action through philanthropy projects and student exchanges. The GCYP program gives youth the opportunity to develop:

  • Knowledge of factors underpinning social justice, diversity, globalization and interdependence, sustainable development, and peace & conflict.
  • Skills for critical thinking, analysis, resource mobilization & global advocacy, action for promoting justice, and conflict resolution.
  • Values that enhance a sense of global identity, empathy, respect for diversity, concern abou the environment, and the belief that people can make a difference.

Our Community

Our community is made up of students, teachers, and RI-SOL staff in the USA, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, and Palestine. We are all participating in RI-SOL's Global Connections and Exchange Program (GCEP), one of RI-SOL's GCYP projects. Together we are dedicated to making connections between each other, developing a deep understanding of each other's cultures, traditions and contributions, and learning first-hand what it means to be global citizens. This wiki gives us the perfect opportunity to create a global community for ourselves!

Everyone involved in our community is encouraged to introduce themselves on our Members page. We also hope you will create your own personal page in this site, by clicking on the "New Page" link to the left, and link to it on our Members page.

Organizers in all of our participating countries can be reached by email:

US: Mr. Robin Shields
Afghanistan: Ms. Mumtaza Abdurazzakova
Bangladesh: Ms. Sajeda Begum
Palestine: Ms. Nadiah Saba'neh
Tajikistan: Mr. Ibrahim Rustamov

The Global Connections and Exchange Project is made possible by generous funding from the US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.