Monday,9th of april

Traveling to USA was a dream for me that I have never thought it can be true, Its really a great chance by GCEP that through it I noticed a lot of things about this huge country ,1st thing the big and the huge buildings there ,the technology and the so many companies.
All the people whom I met are so kind with me and I liked all of them.
But the most thing that I was so surprised about it when I saw 'the homelessness' ...actually I can’t guess the reasons, because such a huge place like this it shouldn’t have a problem like this.

Tuesday,10th of april

we started the day at 9:00 am , we played games,ate barbque, making exercises.
It was a great and fun day, we gained new friends whose have a differents culture,languages,countries.
we also knew new information and knowledges.