Activism - " active membership in political party, group of influence or the related political organization... Researches have revealed the general for active workers of the tendency: higher social status, greater social confidence and frequently the best knowledge. Levels of political activism change also depending on circumstances. So, during political crisis in a policy the set of people which in usual conditions were not active is involved. Some theorists... Prove, that in similar situations... The high level of activity and weak knowledge of participants can place under a threat " stability of democracy ". More often, however, raised партисипация members of groups of the lowest status (in particular, new city social movements) it is estimated favorably ".

Also activism happens ecological, social and another. Levels of activism it is a level of a community, national and international. We can take part in a communal level of activism as we inhabitants of the given community and мождем to help with improvement of a social status of members of our community.
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