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We are students of GCYP(Global Connections and Youth Program) in Tajikistan, USA, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Palestine. We are very happy for getting this chance to write you a letter. Taking advantage of this situation we want to say some words about Right to Education .

Dear Mr Ban Ki-Moon the United Nation Secretary . As all the people in the world know about the importance of Education for their future .According to the Article 28, All children have the right to a good primary education .
Millions children around the world may not be able to attend school as the poverty health distance and security .
Children have a duty to respect parents religious and philosophical convictions. Education is a fundamental human right for all people by the Universal Declaration of human right . And respect parents or another persons is depends of their education .If this child has an knowledge and if he is educated he will certainly respect his
parents ,relatives class mates and the other people .

Education is power .It is all right when you have enough education .You can understand everything and everybody . Nowadays the number of educated persons are increasing .Why ? the question may be given by somebody .
The answer is so that the people understood about the importance and its strength .
As we know educated persons are always try to be friend with persons like them and it is not interesting for such persons to make friend with not educated persons .
And the environment of course respect the educated persons . Educated persons help and understood the environment . Education is important to the future of the environment .
Education of course help us maintaining the health , first of all with a financial point of view . Educated person can find the work in all times and everywhere and in all sphere he likes .Health is the most precious things . Education is very useful for our health as well .
Our time especially need educated women . The number of educated women decreasing nowadays . And it makes us to thing about the future of our generation . Woman is always with their children she is the dearest person for them and we think that woman has to be educated more than the man .Up bringing is most of the time concerns of her . We hope that the number of educated woman will be increase on future in our society .
How does education help you to prepare for you future economic .
Educated man understood and participate in politics or government .
He can explain it to a persons who has no Education and couldn’t solve important problems .
If we are educated persons of course, we can understand politics .We can help the community explaining many things and solving many problems . Our Education will be very much effective in many spheres of the world .
On future we have a lot of plans . We try to make our Tajikistan to be one of the best countries in the world . We live in one of the ancient towns in the world .We shall try to make it one of the most beautiful towns in the world and hard work for its prosperity . We study and study every day and learn more things as we live in the time when the technology is very developed .
For our community we wish to be educated to find good jobs , to be health , and happy future . For you Mr Mr Ban Ki-Moon we wish all the best in you hard work happiness in your family and long life .