Dear Mr. Ban Ki-Moon,

We are the students of Ramallah basic Girls School, which is an UNRWA school that lies on a quite hill in Ramallah- Palestine.

Dear Sir, we are writing since we had the chance finally as Palestinian students to be heard by you and by the world, so we like to use this opportunity for talking about the most important issue that we care about which is Our Holy Right to Education; we believe that education is a basic and holy right for all people regardless of any thing, especially for children; all children all over the world must be educated since education affects our lives and our future positively in many aspects like: our health, our economic security, our political participation and our environment.

In spite the fact that education is our right we lack this right here in Palestine, mainly because of the Israeli Policy which prevents us from reaching our schools with the daily chick points, shooting, arresting, closures, and killing, nevertheless, we manage to proceed in our education to have the right power and force to defend our selves. Social, financial and economical issues also prevent us from having education.

We study in a very good school but the whole economic and financial situation affects our study since we lack good facilities like full equipped computer lab, science lab, library, school garden where we can play, in which we want you to kindly help us in making these things available for us so as to study in a perfect education environment, an other things we wish you to help us in is to make basic education obligatory for all.

Finally, we want to thank you very much for giving us this chance to write to you and to be heard by the whole world.

Yours Faithfully,
RBGS Students