Dear Mr. Ban Ki-Moon,

It is our pleasure to seize this opportunity and write to you. We, the students of Al-Najah Secondary Girls School, Ramallah, Palestine, which faces a unique political situation due to Israeli Policy!! In spite of this hardship, the Palestinian managed to register the highest rate among other nations regarding higher education that became possible because our people strongly believe that education is a basic Human Right.

People in Palestine believe that education is a holy human right that should be protected and made available for all people, especially for children regardless to age, gender, religion, raceā€¦

Although we believe that education is a Human Right, we lack it for various reasons and factors, the most important of which is the Israeli Policy. This policy prevents us from reaching schools and universities for all of these obstacles, barricades, check points and barriers, and incursions.

Another main reason for the hardship in front of our students in their attempt to get to more education is financial. In Palestine, we don't have that number of schools which can accommodate the rapidly increasing number of students, this result in crowded classes, in addition to this; existing schools aren't fully equipped with computer or science labs, materials and supplies. Imagine that we are now in the second semester and still there are students who aren't supplied with books yet! The Lack of these facilities forces our teachers to follow the traditional method of teaching away from Active Learning which makes us bored and hostile to education and learning.
Social issues here in Palestine also affect the Education situation. Our society discriminates against females continuing their higher education. Beside this, Education and higher education in Particular costs so much that many families cannot afford, scholarships are very scarce especially for the students who get high averages.
The teachers' strike which took place this year prevented many students from going to their schools for a period of time.

Palestinian Students believe that Education has a decisive role on their future especially in the fields of health, environment, economic, and political participation, so you are requested to use your authority to try to make the whole world see the situation under which we have been living and help us solve the abovementioned problems by that we mentioned above by: raising money and equipments for the poorly developed countries to enable them establish good schools and universities, afford excellent students in need with scholarships, spread awareness of the importance of Education among people, make elementary education obligatory, and last but not least, to try to reach agreements that keep people safe protected and their right to education is fully guaranteed.

Dear Sir, it is great to write you. We stretch to you sir our invitation to visit our beloved country in general, and our school, in particular to see how education in Palestine to see Palestinian is and to meet the students who are struggling for the best Education.

Yours faithfully,
Al-Najah Secondary Girls School Students:
Ala', Dina, Diana, Nadia, Najah, Hoda, Fatima,
Diala, Sabreen,Doa', Ameena,Nadin and Amani