Dear UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon,

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We are students of GCYP (Global Connections and Youth Program) in Tajikistan, USA, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Palestine. We are very happy to write a letter to you about the importance of the Rights to Education.

According to UIS Literacy Rate Statistics² 139 012 853 youth in the world are illiterate from which 85 499 821 are female. From this data it means that mostly female world citizens' rights are not respected and in many developing countries people do not enjoy their elementary rights to access education² .

Article 26.
1) Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education
shall be compulsory. Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be equally
accessible to all on the basis of merit.
2) Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and
fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall
further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace.
3) Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children

Education is very important for our health, because by studying we put first bricks to our future. Without good knowledge there is no future, as knowledge is what feed us. By having a chance to get good education we can be healthy and wealthy.
Health the most important thing in a life of each person. Each person receives education about a healthy way of life since the childhood. Since the childhood everyone knows, that it is useful for him/her or not . For example: everyone observes hygiene. It is also education.

Education is what makes people get connected, leaders of countries get connected to each other by establishing economic relations. if there are not good economic relations based on good education, there maybe wars and destructions.
Economy the most important thing in our life. We know and we learn economy since from the childhood. The person who does not know economy, every day meets with new problems.

By being literate, people first of all can enjoy their rights like to vote in elections. If people have good education they can built true democratic nation with equal opportunities.
We think, that political education is necessary for each person. Each person should participate in a political life of the republic and change it.Each person should know about the politics of his country and should know about the rights.

All success of human rely on environment, people should be aware of fresh water, keep environment clean, must know what types of animals and plants are disappearing and how to protect them in order to allow our next generation to enjoy. These days we are having a great problem with global warming. It is time to learn and work using environmentally clean products.

We, believe paying much attention to education, you will give to all children much opportunity to live in peaceful environment be a leader of education supporters to raise literacy in the world.
If we have not education we can not care to himself.If we have we can care to him. If we learn eduction, we have high education and than we can work in different places. If we haven't eduction we can't developed in economic spheras, science. We can't communicate with different countries, because we don't know their Language, traditions and others.

Yours sincerely,

(Amirkhon Bozorzoda, ILC Isfara School 1, Isfara, Tajikistan
Mastura Valieva, ILC Isfara School 69, Isfara, Tajikistan
Gulafzo Shernazarova, ILC Isfara Lyceum 71, Isfara, Tajikistan
Shahnoza Rakhmonova, ILC Isfara Lyceum 71, Isfara, Tajikistan
Mehrullu Mahramov, ILC Isfara School 18, Isfara, Tajikistan
Kombiz Sahobi, ILC Isfara School 1, Isfara, Tajikistan
Abduroziq Rakhmonov, ILC Isfara School 18, Isfara, Tajikistan
Abduhakim Zaripov, ILC Isfara, School 12, Isfara, Tajikistan)
Parvinai Saidzoda,ILC Kulob ,Lyceum#1 ,Kulob Tajikistan
Abduqaiumova Farzona ,ILC Kulob Lyceum#1,Kulob Tajikistan
Habibulloi Imomnazar,ILC Kulob Lyceum#1,Kulob Tajikistan
Shukronai Jumakhon ,ILC Kulob Lyceum#1, Kulob Tajikistan
Islom Ghulomi ,ILC Kulob Lyceum #1, Kulob Tajikistan
Nazarov Mumin ,ILC Kulob Lyceum#1, Kulob Tajikistan
Muhammadi Saidsho,ILC Kulob School#9,Kulob Tajikistan
Ashurova Shukrona ,ILC Kulob Schooll#9Kulob Tajikistan
Hotamov Parviz, ILC_Konibodom School # 1, Kanibadam, Tajikistan
Kholmati Kholiq, ILC_Kanibadam School # 1, Kanibadam, Tajikistan
Ashrapova Nargis,ILC_Kanibadam School # 3, Kanibadam, Tajikistan

Letter to Mr. Ban Ki Moon from Chowara Girls' High School,Comilla, Bangladesh.

Dear Ban Ki-Moon(UN Secretary General),

We are the students of Chowara Girls' High School,Comilla.It is a village under Comilla district of Bangladesh.Bangladesh is a developing country.In our country 80% people live in village. Most of the village people are illiterate.They have shortage of knowledge on human right.Most of villagers do not know about their right.They need to be aware on their right.Some awareness programs are going on under some government and non government organizations.They are trying to take more programs for awareness on everyright of the villagers.We think the most important problem is literacy problem.We think you can realize on literacy of Bangladeshi people if you please see the statistics on below:

  • Adult Literacy Rate 2000-2004, Male , % (UNESCO) : 50
  • Adult Literacy Rate 2000-2004, Female, % (UNESCO) : 31
  • Adult Literacy Rate 2000-2004, Total, % (UNESCO) : 41
  • Youth Literacy Rate 2000-2004, Male, % (UNESCO) : 58
  • Youth Literacy Rate 2000-2004, Female, % (UNESCO) : 41
  • Youth Literacy Rate 2000-2004, Total, % (UNESCO) : 50


We think government should take step for increase our literacy rates.For shortage of knowledge on human rights many people are illiterate and they can't take proper decision in their life.They can't realize the importance of education.Each & every people should be a minimum level of educated.We should be self conscious to be educated and government & non government organizations should take more effective step to increase the number of educated people.

Yours Sincerely-
The students of Chowara Girls' High School:
  • Rima
  • Tanzina
  • Rezoana
  • Taslima
  • Shahinur
  • Tahmina
  • Bristi
  • Mansura
  • Asma
  • Halima
  • Rupa
  • Romana
  • Sumy
  • Sabina
  • Shahida
  • Tumpa
  • Nova

Hellow Sir,
In our country education is the step t improvement. Our country is a developing country. Every sector of our country is going upward according to the want of generation. As knowledge is power so our education system is also going to be change. Our government trying to increase the rate of woman’s education in our country. We all know the famous word by Nepuleon Bunapart that-
“Give me an educated mother
I will give you an educated nation.”

Our government is so much conscious about woman education. Though there is so many problems in education sector although some dedicated organization like RI-SOL giving us the opportunity to meet the international education system bringing many learnable project for us. We feel like improved country people while doing the project, browsing Internet. We also feel like journalist when we prepare newsletter for our school. This all work happens when I make myself educated. If we are not literate then we couldn’t do all the work. Today we are the student of Siraj Uddin Sarker Vidyaniketan in Bangladesh can operate computer, Brows, Chat, Send & Receive mail through internet. We also participate in various kind of national and International project, Exchange our education with American students. Now we have fluency in English. This all work we make possible with our education. Without education all the above work is not possible ever. Education help us to be a good doctor, A good politician, Plan a secured (Socially, Economically, Mentally & Physically) life for the future. So education is the key of every success. Our country education is the key of every success. Our country is going improved day by day as the speed of Snail for what we are afraid to meet the success. So we want that you should spread your help & support for that organization that worked hard for our better future & help our government to meet the success. Relief International Schools Online (RI-SOL) is an organization like that. In previous we dreamed to touch a computer in real but now we are using computer in our classroom as an education materials with the help of RI-SOL. So I think you will take the better decision on account of our challenging future.
On be half of our school (Siraj Uddin Sarker Vidyaniketan)
Mahadi, Denar, Shahidullah, Bayezid, Rabbi, Tapu, Shawon, Tanvir, Iqbal, Raihan, Faruque, Rahim, Akash, Tishab & Sajib.


18 February, 2007

Ban Ki-Moon
The UN Secretary General.

We are very happy to get a contemporary subject ‘The Right to Education’. We know that the right of education for the all children of the world. But it is a matter of sorrow that most of the children of our country are deprived from the right of education. I think, Like Us most of the children of many poor countries are deprived from the right of education. They are not getting chance to receive education. Though education is very important for our future health, economic security, political participation and to develop environment. So our prayer to you to help us all to receive education.

Thanking you

The student of ILC
Kalakakaly High School
Agrabad, Chittagong,


  1. List of countries by literacy rate
  2. Literacy rates, youth (15-24) and adult (15+), by region and gender - UNESCO Institute for Statistics

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