Dear, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon

We group of students from Tajikistan, Kanibadam city, writing you this letter. We had activity about Right to Education and we decide write a Letter to you about it.
Education is important for our life.Every children must learn many educations.Educations help to our mind.If we not have education we not see anycountries.Educations help to every people and to every schoolchildren.If we learn educations and work to nice factory.We have high educations.We must learn computer, English and Russian languages. In computer circle we have a good educations.Educations is necessary at future life.If we haven't education we can't develope in economic, health shperas, and we can't communicate with different countries in the world, because we don't know their Languages, traditions and others. If we have education we have express our opinion in every where also every time.
Education is very important thing for each of us. It is our success our future. Each person when there is go to the first class it begins studies with most has begun. He starts to write, read, and develop the outlook. Education is necessary for each person. If the person does not have formation he don’t to not read, to not discuss with others the necessary problems. After school the some people want to continue their education and enter to universities and institutes.
They dreams to become a good experts. Education is connected with health, economy and other things.
By means of education our country develops. People study in medical university and after study work in hospitals treat others, help, to community. During study they study all organisms of persons. If don’t the education and sciences were not developing, people would not make the newest technologies ….
The Education system is different in each country. We study system education of America, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Who does not have education he has not to live among others. We are doing to involve attention of schoolboys to education.

the students of ILC_Kanibadam