Welcome to the Global Citizenship & Youth Philanthropy (GCYP) wiki. GCYP is a media and school-based program implemented by Relief International - Schools Online (RI-SOL) to motivate young people - our future leaders - to create a better world through collaborative projects worldwide.

A wiki is a space on the World Wide Web devoted to one specific topic and editable by multiple people. Some wikis are made private, and only editable by members to the space, while others are public and editable by anyone who navigates to the site. This wiki is considered a "protected" wiki. Most of the pages on the GCYP wiki can be edited by students and teachers participating in projects through RI-SOL; the entire site is open to be viewed by the public.

Wikis are very user friendly and accessible to anyone who can navigate to the site. With this ease of interaction, a wiki is a highly effective collaborative authoring tool. One way to think of a wiki is as a whiteboad/chalkboard in a classroom. A teacher can provide initial instructions or layout for a project, and students can add to the discussion or erase incorrect and irrelevent information. Through the GCYP wiki, students from around the world work together to create projects and share knowledge.

Here is this month's lesson:

May 2007 Project: Community Treasure Mapping

May's lesson encourages students to consider the resources that we all share, both locally and globally. Participation in this lesson allows students to identify environmental, cultural, educational and health resources that can help them meet the goals they have for themselves and their community, evaluate the contributions they can make to their community over the summer and understand that support for change already exists within their communities. Students are to participate in a brief brainstorming activity focusing on typical summer activities in their community. After discussing the role global citizens take in their local communities, students will re-assess the types of institutions, organizations and individuals to which they would direct visitors in their community. In groups, students will create maps of “treasured resources” that work to support environmental, educational, cultural and health issues in their community. These maps are shared on the GCYP wikispace, encouraging students to visit and discuss important organizations and institutions in their communities and around the world over the summer. By posting to and visiting our World Treasures wiki page, students, teachers and global citizens everywhere gain a clearer view of organizations and people working towards change in communities all over the world.

Teachers, the full lesson plan can be found here.

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