The Basics

Recipe Name:Nakhudshurbo
When do you make this? At dinner
Who taught you how to make this? my mother


300g soaked peas, 300 g meat (lamb or beef), 2 onions, 2 potatoes,
2 carrots, 1 bay leaf, 0.5 bunch greens (dill, coriander),
salt and pepper to taste.


First day, sort out and wash the peas, then soak in cold water. The second day, when the peas have swollen, throw them into meat broth and cook soup. Slice the mutton or beef, chop the bones for the fat to detach the better and simmer them together with the peas, diced carrots and onion rings. Pare the potato as a whole and put it into the pot short time before the end of the cooking.